Yolanda’s Meditation style…

Yolanda teaches a simple, practical, do-able, enjoyable and effective ’20 minute’ personalised Meditation practice. She prefers to teach by appointment so she can work with ‘you’ on ‘your’ personal issues and tailor the learning to your individual needs.

You can elect to learn with a friend or family member, and this would work out more economical. Please scroll down below and click on the ‘download information’ link.

Scientifically proven.  The practice of Meditation quite simply brings calm, clarity and contentment – as well as improved concentration and effectiveness.

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Learning Meditation…

Meditation is simply giving yourself the time and space to just be alone with ‘you’. It allows you to tap into ‘your true essence… your spirit’ which is unique to just ‘you’. It helps you to evolve into being your very best.

Meditation is a Practice…

It is something you do. Just having the knowledge of how to Meditate won’t bring you any benefits. Only a daily Meditation Practice brings out the very best of ‘who you are’, from within.

Meditation is miraculous….

Meditation is very special because when you are meditating, you are relaxed and aware at the same time. There is a mountain of scientific evidence that proves the ‘seemingly miraculous’ benefits of Meditation Practice.

The wonderful benefits of meditation…

The more you Meditate the easier it becomes and the more benefits you will receive:

  • mindfulness
  • stillness
  • unlock your creativity
  • become more insightful
  • increase concentration
  • overcome stress / anxiety
  • handle life’s challenges with more ease
  • better relationships with yourself and others
  • improve your patience and tolerance
  • discover inner peace & contentment
  • better sleep
  • wellness

“I used to believe that happiness came in the form of the next promotion or getting the bigger house, Mediation has made me realise that happiness really does come from within and it is now, not a future event that may or may not happen.  Thank you again for your life changing guidance and teaching.  What you have taught me will live with me and grow for the rest of my life.”  T. Sheppard

“My daily meditation practice has quickly become something I look forward to and something I rely on to bring me into balance.  With meditation, I have come to rely on finding my daily peace and quiet inside, where I can be still and centre myself, where I can linger and enjoy the space I create within my day.  I feel the benefits through being calm and centred, being more capable and better prepared for what each day offers.  Thank you Yolanda, for being open, supportive and patient and for sharing your experiences in such a great learning environment!” G. Vile

“I can’t believe that I have learned so much in such a short space of time. To be able to meditate (properly) after only 4 sessions is terrific. Your CD makes this so much easier to continue on with this practice, thanks to your teachings.” C. Hinz

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