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Beagle Bay kidsThis happy photo was snapped at the end of a Yoga class which I conducted for these gorgeous indigenous children at the Beagle Bay Sacred Heart Mission School. As you will see from the photo, they had made me a very special card which I am holding. Beagle Bay is on the Kimberley coast, in Western Australia (between Broome and Cape Leveque). Located in the most northern tip of Western Australia, a most beautiful and rugged red coast line.

Together with my partner John, we drove there from the most southern eastern city of mainland Australia (Melbourne). The weather up there is so perfect – warm and dry during June/July, and we had five fabulous adventurous weeks travelling the outback totalling 11,000 kms of driving.

The Yoga class was organised by the very lovely and caring teacher Lorraine Magee, who along with her husband Phil attended classes at my studio a couple of years ago. They are both dedicated teachers and have taken up postings at this indigenous school for a few years.

We were very privileged to stay overnight with Lorraine and Phil, who were the most generous and hospitable hosts. It was indeed one of the highlights of our trip to spend a full 24 hours at an indigenous mission. Our stay was an both an education and a wonderful experience and we learnt much about the issues facing teachers and the mission itself.

IMG_2178 (1)Getting to the mission proved to be an exercise in keeping calm. We had really good maps, but the road was washed away from recent heavy rains and we could not find our way. Thinking we had allowed plenty of time, we were then running late. We called in for in for an escort and within minutes a 4 x wheel drive vehicle turned up. The kids were hanging out of the windows waving and laughing as we were guided into the mission. I even had to put my Yoga clothes on whilst John was driving… it was indeed a funny scene. Upon arrival the kids were so full of delight and affection – just lovely!

Lorraine had been using my YogaEasy and Yoga2Easy DVDs on a Friday afternoon in preparation for my visit. So the kids were all well practiced and knew many Yoga poses (asanas). Here they are doing Parsvakonasana with me up front, however their most favourite pose was Savasana (corpse pose – rest and regeneration)… and they loved chanting ‘om’.


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