Yoga and Meditation practice for Strength and Stability

Yes, the practice of Yoga and Meditation brings strength, stability and balance to your mind and body – and in turn is uplifting to your spirit. As your practice develops you will also become more aware of automatic habits that are no longer serving you, and you can change or just let go of these habits. As well, you will become more confident, which means less fearful about change (which is inevitable in everyone’s life).

It was once thought that the practice of Yoga made muscles longer alone, but it’s now been discovered that the poses make them wider, and the act of stretching actually feeds back information to your central nervous system. This in turn stimulates your muscles to become stronger around a point of weakness.

The practice of Yoga helps to improve your overall strength and posture whilst calming your mind and nervous system. Those who are regular practitioners of Yoga will firmly espouse this fact. It’s also why more and more people are discovering this fact for themselves as they embark on their Yoga journey. I constantly receive wonderful email messages from all around the globe from those who find that just practising to my DVDs (30 mins) a day is making such a difference to their lives.

Research is also showing the health benefits of Meditation practice. It’s now been discovered that a huge percentage of doctor visits are stress/anxiety related. The proven de-stressing power of Meditation practice may be the key for a lower incidence of illness. Also people who meditate report a greater level of happiness regardless of what’s going on in their lives. Other known benefits of Meditation include a decreased sensitivity to pain and improved emotional health. The practice of Meditation assists one to manage stress which brings forth increased productivity and resilience.

What more is there to say… Yoga and Meditation – yay!

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